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Due to recent economic downfall in regards to Canada’s mild recession, companies are beginning to feel the heat of investing so much money into Alberta’s oil sands. The price of gas has fallen dramatically over the past year and the oil sand companies have begun to push back project start dates and goals. When a company invests in the oil sands, it is based on a 40-year time frame and, therefore, the companies have to wait out the low times such as this in order to benefit in the future.

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The question of how many people the earth can support is a answer that is hard to detremine. Many people ask themselves wether this is possible and some may agree or disagree. The article by Dennis Dimick covers many aspects of population grown and about the earths resources. It also tells us how population is not only measured by numbers but also the fertility rate, the mortality rate and immigration of the human population.

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                                                                                Bury Nuclear Waste Beside the Great Lakes? Bad Idea! Written by: Fraser Berry     Summary:    

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This article was written by Stephen Leahy on 24 October 2012. He talks about the document called “World’s worst pollution problems” published by Blacksmith Institute and Green Cross Switzerland. It is about how industrial pollutants, such as radionuclides, mercury, lead, pesticides in the air impact the public health.

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