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$31 billion dollars seems like a large sum of money, doesn’t it? This is the cost of the amount of all of the produced food that goes straight into the garbage every year in Canada. Food production has intense environmental impacts such as land degradation from farming practices, and air and water pollution from fertilizers, yet we still see billions of dollars of uneaten food thrown in the garbage. CBC’s “Market Place” sent investigative reporters to check out what super markets are throwing away.

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Microbeads are plastic particles that are used in exfoliating personal care products, toothpastes, in biomedical and health science research, and it has recently been declared toxic.  Microplastics do not dissolve and they make their way into oceans, rivers and lakes where they are consumed by a variety of organisms.  It has been causing water pollution and posing environmental hazards for aquatic animals. 

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         People donate money to different medical foundations in hopes to raise awareness and further research. Many people do this to help ill patients, in memory of someone who they have known that passed from the sickness or to do what they think is a kind act of good heartedness. In recent years, some foundations have been found to be fraudulent. This means that they are advertising for people to donate money to their fictional foundation. Then when donations are made, the money is not going to a foundation but into the con artists’ pockets. Rebecca R.

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“Increasing the Effectiveness of Homework for All Learners in the Inclusive Classroom” is an article written in 2013 about different methods that teachers can use to increase how well homework actually helps the pupil. Doing things such as giving the student a choice in his/her homework and maintaining that homework at a moderate difficulty level keeps students somewhere between bored and frustrated. This provides a happy student and also good test grades. As well as homework, the teacher should also provide in class teaching.

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PTSD is mental disorder which many Americans may never come in contact with. For someone in the military though, it’s very possible that if they go into war they may come out with PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wasn’t put into the APA until 1980, so what would happen to a military veteran before 1980 who would be experiencing PTSD? Well they would be sent home to cope with their disorder alone. Do I think this was a good idea? Of course not, because often times the veteran would end up taking his own life due to the mental disorder.

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The term “Staples Economy” was coined to describe a country’s economy which relies heavily on its ability to exploit and commercialize its Natural Resource base, for its own economic development and benefit (Mitchell, 34). Over the years, the Canadian economy has heavily relied on the extraction and exportation of minerals as a major source of revenue and employment (Mitchell, 32).

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Is it possible that humans have created an era so harmful that its impacts could last thousands even millions of years? The article “Anthropocene: Geologists urge global recognition of new, human- influenced epoch” by Niki Wilson discusses the Anthropocene, which is a highly debated concept that argues that human impact on the environment has initiated a new epoch. The article explains that the impacts of human industrial practices such as increased carbon outputs, remnants of radioisotopes from nuclear testing, and fly ash from the burning of coal have been found in sediment layers.

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