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On Friday China denied Donald trumps report said that china has been selling oil product to North Korean and it violation of UN as the result of the fake news people have been criticism and mockery Trump as “Stupid”.   On Thursday China did not do as US told them to do, the US told them to blacklist the six-foreign flagged ship, 5 out of 6 flagged ship were own by china and Hong Kong and because of that a U.N. Security Council diplomat in Washington said he believe that there was an illegal trade between China and North Korea.

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If you have a Facebook account, you probably saw one time an article using false information that could potentially influence your opinion on a subject. Well, an article post by the Anna Momigliano from the Washington Post on February 2 2017 is saying that Italy and Facebook as paired up to ban the most fake news as possible from the Facebook feed to make sure that electors from that country could not be influenced by those articles who could lead to disinformation at nearly one month of the election.

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