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Beavers may be an iconic symbol of Canada, though the rodent is not always welcome. Due to higher levels of rain, there have been an increased number of beaver dams appearing in the Greater Sudbury area (Samson, 2017). Samantha Samson (2017) reports that home owners and industries are experiencing increased flooding due to the accidental breaking of the beaver dams. This has created a positive feedback loop of increased flooding, as the increase in rain brings more beavers, their dams break as the amount of rain increases.

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Ocean Acidification (Intro Music: 30 sec long) Leo:  Hey guys, my name is Leo Chai, host of Nature’s Radio Podcast and       today we will be having a special guest.  Harriet Minc, a biology student from Guelph University,  who is here to answer questions about her research on Ocean      Acidification.           Harriet:            Hi, great to be here today           Leo: Alright, nice to have you here.

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