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The issue regarding this article is President Trump’s decision to bomb Syria and his sudden change of heart. Once he saw pictures of dead children he says his attitude towards Syria and Assad changed instantly. The media is applauding him for his change of heart, but this article argues that Trump doesn’t truly care. He says he was touched by the children being gassed to death, but still bans them from entering the country. It’s hypocritical.

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In this article, we learn from a report by the Department of Public Health that 111 people died after the California’s right-to-die law got implemented.  On June 9th of 2016, the End of Life Option Act took place. It allows citizens of California 18 years old and over to ask for euthanasia from their doctors if they are expected to die in the next 6 months and are suffering from their illness.

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On August 21st 2017, the city of Montreal sent a letter to 520 pit bull owners who did not  abide by the requirements of registering their dog, telling them to get rid of their dogs within the next four weeks. This article provides readers with the awareness of Yannick Quemart’s situation. Quemart is a citizen of Montreal who has received this letter from the city of Montreal. He has considered moving away in order to keep his pit bulls with him ad his family, but he has children who are in school.

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The issue presented in this case is about how kneeling during the National Anthem has always been about race and not about the American flag or the military. As the article mentions, Colin Kaepernick, the then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback started the protests. He stated to NFL Media that he will not stand in pride for a country that afflict people of colour. He started by simply sitting down at the three first pre-season games of the 2016 season, but in respect to army veterans like Nate Boyer, he agreed that taking a knee would be a more respectful posture.

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