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A little over a year ago, the Albertan government implemented the Climate Leadership Plan, a new mitigation tactic to transition away from harmful forms of energy, and promote the growth of their oil industry. With the impacts of global warming at an all time high, Alberta needed to take preventive measures of their resources, while still allowing for their staple economy to thrive. Alberta as a state, must strive to sustainably manage their resources whilst promoting economic growth, sustaining job security, and planning goals to protect their residents and the surrounding environment.

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                        In my summary i am going to be talking about a few articles dealing with special education. The more  that I see and read on this issue, I realize how much improvement needs to be made. There are so many issues with the current system. For instance some reports i read talk about the racism when dealing with students and whose receiving special education services. In some cases

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Sex and gender are often thought as two categories that are dependent of each other. In all reality though, sex and gender can have two sperately different answers that don't relate. In the article " BEARDS AND BODIES Doing Sex in a Gendered World" by Raine Dozier, he quotes from Lorber saying "Talking about gender for most people is equivelent of fish talking about water" meaning that gender is not a topic most people talk about. Today's society has brought about new relationships, allowing people to speak and feel free about their gender identity.

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Carbon emission is one of the biggest contributors to environmental impacts. Not only is it polluting our land and air but also our water, especially the ocean. For the past two centuries, anthropogenic carbon emission has been increasing constantly and studies show that approximately one-third is absorbed by the ocean. When carbon dioxide touches the surface of the ocean it dissolves and forms carbon acids that eventually decrease the pH level in the Ocean which will affect diverse marine livelihoods.

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            A vital component of the state’s duty in resource management is protecting the environments they govern. With the devastating events that occurred in Fort McMurray in the recent past, and those unfolding with Hurricane Matthew, it reminds us that we are not in complete control of the environment around us. In order to be responsible through the means of resource management, it is up to our Government and their subsidiaries to put a greater effort forward to mitigate and prevent ‘natural disasters’ from having such costly effects.

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