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Political and social disagreements have always existed within a nation. Different opinions on religious, political and nationalist views create a division within communities of people who work and live together every single day. Tensions seen in India between the Hindu/Muslim groups can be related to the French/English ongoing debate in Quebec. Many political figures such as Mohandas Gandhi and Mohammed Ali Jinnah, who both have had a big influence on the Indian people, both had different views on how India had to be governed and how the Indian people should live.

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Quebec and India share many similarities regarding nationalism including the same colonial ruler, the identity of a nation within a nation, the strong will for independence and declaration as its own governing body and cultural patriotism. Dating back towards the end of colonial period in Quebec in the late 1700s, French Canadiens followed under British rule until the Quebec Act[1] was implemented in order to accommodate Canadiens to follow their own religion and follow French civil law.

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Are there any advantages or disadvantages to having different religions in society?  

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Religion has been a long debated topic of whether it should have a place in society. Religion has been the cause of many conflicts throughtout history and continuing to this day. Society should remain as a secular entity that remains neutral. It should not completely ban religion, but should not allow it to have authority to pass laws. People have the right to believe in whatever they want, but should be limited to a certain professionalism when in public. The public should not cater to all religions because there are too many.

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In a modernized secular society, religion should be only to those who want to follow particular religions. People should have their own free will to follow any religion that they wish as long as it does not damage or endanger an individual or individuals well-being. Freedom of religion should be kept as a law as it serves as a fundamental human right. This should be the rule for all societies as it allows people to experience and have their own freedom. It also creates a pluricultural society and mixes diverse races and religions together.

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