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Canada and the United States have certainly made strides forward with respect to gender equality. More and more women are entering the workforce and earning salaries that approach or equal what men earn. However, before we proudly pat ourselves on the back for a job well done, it is critical to understand the nasty aftermath of overt gender discrimination. What were once concerted efforts to keep women out of the world of business have now become nuances in language that are designed to force women to conform to gender roles.

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The case of the young native Makayla Sault, the girl who refused cancer treatment, raised a lot of debate during the last month. After her first month of chemotherapy, she (and her parents) decided to get on holistic medicine and leave chemo. Unfortunately, Makayla passed away. Her parents claim that her death was caused by the treatment, when specialists blame the cancer itself. Everyone should have the right to decide how to cure (or not) themself, that is why I think not leaving someone make its own choice is unethical.

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Just the words “money manager” or “investment bank” bring to mind images of liars, cheaters, and connivers. Perhaps the greatest depiction of this utter lack of morality came in the winter of 2007, when the Great Recession began. This marked the beginning of the most severe global economic meltdown since the Depression. While the causes of the 2008 financial crisis are exceedingly complex, one of the key contributors was subprime lending. Without delving into the specifics of the crash, it came down to banks providing loans to individuals with poor credit (Denning).

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In the past week, a radical terrorist group - named Islamic State (or “IS”) - has sent shockwaves around the world. The reason for this, to summarize very briefly, is because the IS - partaking in frequent abductions, ransom negotiations, beheadings, city takeovers, etc. – have threatened Iraq’s socio-political stability, economic security and created a major humanitarian crisis. For obvious reasons, this crisis has sparked an uproar within the International community, which is asking for an imminent intervention from outside countries.

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