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A. Topic & Type of Paper/ Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada. This paper will mainly be analytical, as it will be looking at the causes of this issue and its consequences on the general population. Finally, this paper will seek to answer why there is a lack of resources for human euthanasia and assisted suicide in this country.  

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ISSS: BUILDING AN OUTLINE                                        name: Alexie Diana Coirazza Geneviève Aboud, E-111 a.     Topic & Type of Paper / Justification of Social Issue The topic of this paper is Internet addiction. This paper will be analytical since it will examine why and how people become addicted to the Internet. The effects of this addiction on society and solutions to help prevent this problematic habit will be analysed.

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a. Topic & Type of Paper/Justification of Social Issue      The topic of this paper is sex trafficking in the United States. This paper will be analytical. It will analyze the causes of sex trafficking and the reasons behind the selection of women and children involved, including their vulnerability, socio-economic status, and location of origin. It will also explore the negative effects of sex trafficking on victims as well as possible solutions to eliminate this social issue.

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