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On October 16th, New York Times writer Bernadette Lim took apart microaggressive Asian stereotypes found in mainstream culture with her insightful article, "Model Minority" Seems Like a Compliment, but It Does Great Harm. Lim discusses how seemingly positive stereotypes such as always working hard and 'being better at math' actually causes more harm than good to Asian-American people.

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In Nathan Robinson's article “Schumer's unfortunate ‘Train wreck’ lesson: Amy's casual racism isn't one of her bad habits to overcome” published on in 2015, the actress and  mostly comedian Amy Schumer is said to defend herself for her racist comments found within the movie she wrote and stars in. Robinson explains how the comedian wanted her characters to be racist but that they never actually cross the line of what is considered wrong. Furthermore, the author explains that although Schumer's intentions may not be bad, the audience is still enjoying and laughing at racist jokes.

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Huffington Post article 'Company Apologises for White Only Nurse Job Ad' by CBC news covers an unfortunate incident that took place in the Canadian town of Burlington, Ontario. Posted on July 15th, the story focuses on an ad for Retire at Home -a senior care service- in which the listing specifically requested a Caucasian nurse. The ad was taken down, the poster fired, and the posting apologised for by the company's CEO, Rick Norland, once attention was brought to it after nearly a week and Norland is stated to have claimed the incident was not reflective of the company's views.

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