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Freshwater is an incredibly important part of the ecosystem because of the goods and services it provides, as well as accommodating a unique and diverse biota (Heathwaite 2010).  Ecosystem goods that are given by freshwater include fish, electricity, and drinking water.  The ecosystem services consist of detoxification and purification of water, nutrient cycling, recreation, and flood mitigation.  There are many stressors that many say will have increasing impacts in the future, such as changing climate, changing land use, changing demands on water resources, and changing nutrient cycles. 

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In my first post I talked a lot about how many developing countries have a desperate need for clean, good quality freshwater because they are currently using contaminated water for drinking, bathing, and cooking (Nweke and Sandwers, 2009).   While polluted water is a big factor in the cause and spread of disease throughout developing countries, I think it is important to know exactly what the proposed mechanism is to bring freshwater to the people.

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Desalination is a method for providing freshwater to countries that do not have access to quality water needed for drinking (Feitelson and Jones, 2014).  I read an article in which the authors stated that the purpose is to treat seawater so that there is no longer any salts or minerals and the water can be drank just like regular freshwater.  While there are issues concerning money and energy associated with desalination that people might have problems, but the results are well worth it.  Most developing countries have a very limited access to safe water so they have no choice but to drink,

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