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For decades, Africans fleeing from their war torn countries have resided in many parts  of India.    As I researched further into Africans living in India, I found out about the ongoing issue of racism.  There have been many short films, and news articles showing how badly Africans living in India are treated.  Some Indians have gone as far as harassing, and  assaulting many African students.   Some of these hate crimes even take place during the day when many people are around. No matter where Africans go, they are discriminated against-and it’s sad.

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It is too often that people say things like, “Oh, that’s a man’s job” or “That is a woman’s job”. How did these made up “rules” allow people to become discriminated by gender? Why should anyone limit themselves, their talents or their passions because of societal “gender rules” that have been functioning for years. I know personally what it is like to be harassed by people because of my job and my gender. I work for my father in our family business, which is auto and heavy machinery repairs, which in turn makes me a mechanic.

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Many waitresses and waiters are sexually harassed while they are at work by customers, manager and coworkers. A lot of workers are sexually harassed verbally and physically.

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This advertisement was published in 2007 to introduce Tom Ford’s newest men’s fragrance. The photographer, Terry Richardson, wanted to convey the nerve and sexiness of the product by executing a more explicit photoshoot. The image includes a bottle of men’s Tom Ford cologne resting between a woman’s breasts. The woman is grabbing her breasts and she is lathered in, what seems to be, oil. Her fingernails are painted with bright red nail polish and her entire body is excluded from the photo, other than her chest.

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