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                In my last blog posts, I discussed several possible solutions to help stop the serious issue of agricultural nonpoint source pollution issues. Throughout our time on this planet, we have realized more and more that what we do on the land, will eventually affect our waters. I have discussed the option of educating our farmers about their impact on the environment. I have also discussed the option of using financial incentives for the farmer to be more environmentally friendly in their management plan.

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Today I would like to build upon my last blog post. My topic of interest is nonpoint source pollution resulting from agricultural run-off. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, during agricultural activities soil, nutrients, animal waste, and pesticides can all run-off into the local water sources, causing numerous issues with the water quality, therefore affecting the marine species (2005).

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Nonpoint source pollution (NPS) is serious issue, particularly nonpoint source pollution coming from agricultural run-off. NPS is pollution that cannot be directly correlated to a specific source. For example, point source pollution is a pipe that drains all of a factory's chemical waste directly into a river. This type of pollution can be traced back to its original source. Nonpoint source pollution is much more challenging.

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