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Torture had always been an effective way to obtain something from someone else. Therefore it had been used throughout history to whether retrieve information, get people to confess or simply as a punishment. People in ancient Rome have gone as far as making it a public event. Fortunately, since then things have change. The turning point of torture happened during the eighteenth century and now there are norms such as the Geneva Conventions and the UN Convention.

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                I chose an article about Barbara Mancini who is accused with “aiding a suicide” and can face a sentence up to ten years.  Her only crime was to end her father’s pain by giving him morphine at his request. This article immediately caught my attention because assisted suicide is a very controversial topic and it is one of the few subjects on which I have a strong opinion. I personally feel that if somebody is living a painful life and wants to end it with dignity then he should be able to do it.

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    In Quebec, it is not rare to hear about puppy mill owners’ questionable treatment of their husbandry. In the article, the SPCA reporter talks about the poor conditions dogs were found in.

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This article demonstrates that the media has  convinced some people from believing that beauty stands upon appearances. This subject is an important issue because it implies that not only teenagers, but adults might be facing this media standard of beauty.  An ethical issue is raised, should beauty be based on appearances?

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      Cloning Humanity?   Humans, the only intelligent civilization that we are aware of. As human being we can only be amazed be the progression that we, as advance species, have been experimented throughout our history. But what if there was a second copy of every one of us? Technology is now advanced enough to clone: mice, cats, sheeps, pigs and cows, and the only thing standing between human cloning is precious resources.  

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