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The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial subject in our society. Although it may be legalized in many places, like Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Uruguay and the District of Columbia, many places, like Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Ireland and Thailand strictly prohibit it.   The debate continues about what is the right decision.  

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On August 23 2016, the Daily Mail as well as many other papers published a series of pictures of Police officers talking to a veiled women on a beach in Nice. On the first picture, we can see a  police officers crunched down appearing to write a note.The other pictures show the same women removing parts of her clothes. These pictures have taken social media by storm forcing many to share their opinion via Social Media.

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Guillaume Hebert Nicole Fournier Sylvester Case Study Ethical Issues in the Social Sciences September 12, 2016 Harambe; did he need to die?

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Nowadays, we live in a society where all opinions are consider as important as any others opinions. However, in the beginning of the twenty-first century the political right mix with religious beliefs and misinformation really create a debate on which the science community was constantly criticize. People were wondering who is right and who is not. Therefore, the idea of freedom of opinions makes an arrival.

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