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In this article, Mad Men, Monsters and Misogynist, the author describes the effect of the patriarchal world view and its effect on men. He starts by listing some horrible acts that were committed in the United-States. Then, he goes on about abusive relationship saying that a woman has 70 times the chance of being killed by her ex-partner when she leave him than any other time in the relationship. Finally, he talks about #gamergate and how they aren’t really different from terrorist.

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The article “ It’s My Job to Raise Children Who Are Not Only Not Racist But Actively Anti-Racist “ published on the first of July 2015 and written by Mandy Hitchcock illustrates an aspect of racism in society from a different point of view due to the fact that she is a White mother of a four year old White son. The author demonstrates various facts in order to emphases the problem of racism in the United States.

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“The Meaning of Serena Williams”, an article written by Claudia Rankine that was published on August 25th 2015 in the New York Times, discusses the biased opinions of the media with regards to the ideal image of a winner. The main arguments supporting this central idea involve Serena Williams’ view on the widespread issue of racism and the medias’ interpretation of excellence.  Although the media has attacked her with regards to her appearance on countless occasions, Williams does not accept “racist projections” about her body.

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