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People’s opinion regarding the legalization of prostitution differs a lot according to their culture, their views, and their experiences. For some, prostitution is something we should totally not allow. For others, its legalization would bring more good than evil. As Ronald Weitzer discusses in his article “Prostitution: Facts and Fictions”, a popular perspective of prostitution is the “oppression model” which associates abuse, young teens of 13 and 14 years old, violence, drug addicts, and sex traffickers to the subject.

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The in vitro technology is a great option for infertile couples since it permits them to have their own biological child instead of adopting or not having any child. Since the laws in relation with in vitro fertilization are wide and permit to conceive a child even if one parent has already past away, people with bad intentions can take advantage of it by having that child with ulterior motives, rather then raising a child out of love. Illustration of a person that seems to have bad intentions for raising a child has been put in light in an article published in May 2016.

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A big issue as been questioned in Canada. These issues are about euthanasia and assisted suicide (death assistance). In Physician-assisted death: time to move beyond Yes or No, the debates is “whether sanctity of life is more valuable than personal autonomy” (Downar, Bailey, Kagan, Librach). In this article, it mentioned that they have to put some restriction because they do not want someone to have death assistance against their will.

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                                                                                                               Ban on burkini morally right or wrong?       In the News   In the British Newspaper the Guardian, an article was recently published Wednesday, August 24th, 2016 entitled “France’s burkini ban row divides government as court mulls legality”. The article attracted so much attention because of ethical and moral principles that represent two entirely different and opposing moral claims.

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