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            In 1983, Denise Stockin’s trial was held in the town of Stuart, Virginia. He was charged for murdering Kenny Arnder for money, he accepted from Tommy McBride. Mc Bride was supposedly angry at Arnder for tricking him on a drug deal and wanted Arnder dead to prove a message to everyone else. There was significant evidence to prove that Stockin killed Arnder. Moreover, Stockin confessed to killing another man in 1979.The jury found the defendant guilty and sentenced him to death because he was found to be a future danger to society.

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asamp1 in Learning to Learn
SUNY Brockport
November 13, 2014
         Students often feel uninspired and sluggish when doing coursework. According to a recent study performed by Matthew Walker, discussed in "Naps Clear the Mind, Help You Learn" by LiveScience Staff, it was suggested taking a daily nap can greatly help you retain information. The experiment involved thirty-nine adults who were randomly placed in a nap or non-nap group. First, both groups were presented a task at noon which challenged their hippocampus, which is the region of “the brain that helps store fact-based memories” ("Naps Clear the Mind”). Both groups performed evenly.

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The article “Stanley Tookie Williams” (2014), from the Biography Television Networks website, explains the story of a former murderer Stanley Williams. From an early age, he began to take part in many criminal activities as he became involved in street gangs. After creating his own gang (the “Crips”) with one of his friend, major problems followed. In 1981, the man was convicted of four murders and robbery, and was sentenced to death penalty. However, before his execution, he spent two years in solitary confinement and took the time to think about his life, his past actions and behaviors.

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The article “Michael Brown Shooting: Why Black Americans Believe They're Targeted by Police” by Mark Gollum on CBC News from august 13, 2014 discusses how black Americans perceive themselves as being targeted by the police and why that would be the case (Gollum, 2014, para 2). The recent killing of unarmed teenager, Michael brown, by a Caucasian police officer has caused a reaction of outrage across the United States, especially in predominantly black communities.

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The right to die is probably one of the biggest ethical issues of the modern time. There are several debates and conflicts about it, and it rises as a problem of society. People will never get along concerning this issue because it is too personal and everybody shares different values. It is even more sensitive when it comes to a pregnant woman’s life, especially when the pregnant woman in question is diagnosed as brain dead. 

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                When I was a kid I never really had a favourite colour, and I still don't. However I do remember this one time I was in first grade, the teacher had the class do a poll on which colour was better than others. Each child could only vote once. At that time if I had to choose a colour, I’d say that I preferred blue more than others.

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The article "Calls for Inquiry Overlook Men", published on August 30, 2014, by Times Colonist, explains that there is an inequality between the representation of aboriginal male murders and the aboriginal female murders in Canada. The government seems to focus more on women and to care less about the other male victims, even though there are more men who are killed.The author of the article illustrates this situation by pointed at the Tina Fontaine's case.

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Torture had always been an effective way to obtain something from someone else. Therefore it had been used throughout history to whether retrieve information, get people to confess or simply as a punishment. People in ancient Rome have gone as far as making it a public event. Fortunately, since then things have change. The turning point of torture happened during the eighteenth century and now there are norms such as the Geneva Conventions and the UN Convention.

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