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Original title: In the future, doctors may tell you take two 'doses of nature' and call in the morning Author: Ariana Eunjeung Cha Date of publication: April 8th, 2015 < >  

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The usage of anabolic steroids in both professional and unprofessional sports has become a growing trend ever since their first recorded usage in the 1960’s. Often a drug that is associated with the world of professional bodybuilding, I believe the media’s portrayal of steroids and their effects on the human body isn’t ethically presented. Before anything is said, it is important to know what anabolic steroids have the potential to do the human body. These effects will be very general, as there are many different types of androgens that one may intake.

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 Recently freedom of expression and press has been limited worldwide. Russia has adopted and is planning on adopting limiting factors to freedom of expression and democracy. The article Russia: RIP Freedom of Speech? Publish 31st of July 2014 on the Aljazeera website by Remi Piet reveals that Russia although it is a great critic of the NSA uses similar techniques to gather information about its own citizen.

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One of the many moral dilemmas faced by medical professionals on a daily basis involved the distribution and administration of morphine, a potent and addictive pain killer. Patients who have undergone an operation, surgery or almost any type of bodily harm are often treated with morphine during their treatment to help relieve all levels of pain which can range from mild to extreme, depending on the type of injury that they have sustained.

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