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Our oceans are being filled with plastic trash at an alarming rate. There is much more out there than what can be seen in the ocean’s garbage patches, which is already an insanely large amount. A recent article, entitled “Eight Million Tons of Plastic Dumped in Ocean Every Year” written by Laura Parker was published on February 13th 2015 in the National Geographic.

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The Talking Climate’s article: “Climate Change Scepticism and the Media” presents readers with the multiple reasons why, despite scientific evidence, some people still remain sceptical about the debate surrounding climate change. The article explains how the media, who is supposed to provide society with clear and simple facts about the topic, has been divided into multiple groups with different views on the matter.  The article explains how scepticism is mostly seen in English speaking media and not so much in other languages.

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With the significant improvement of technology in the past decades, modern day society has arrived at a point where wearable technology has been introduced to our everyday lives. Whether it is through glasses, shoes, watches, heart rate monitors, etc. the increasing amount of wearable technology poses a serious threat to our community. Particularly, in the United States of America, companies that manufacture these products, in addition to third parties, allow themselves to have access to your personal data and use it to their discretion.

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Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as machine intelligence or AI for short, is a by-product of modern technological advancements, notably in the domain of computing and manufacturing. Artificial intelligence can be observed in many modern digital apparatus. An example of such would be Apple’s Siri, which can perform tasks based on live vocal requests from the user. This is achieved thanks to the increase of ease of manufacturing and programming, which, in the next few decades, may allow AI to become humans’ best assistance or their burden.

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