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Many of women are the victims of the violence. According to, half of women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of violence since the age of 16.There are two big types of violence, which are physical or either psychological. More specificly,we can also consider the sexual violence and verbal violence.

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What is your first image of denim jeans advertisements? Definitely, most of people think of a model wearing a jean. However, in Alexander Wang's advertisement, there was a huge difference. Above this picture of the girl lying on sofa, we say that she is not wearing a jean but draping it on her legs. How many of us would think that this girl is actually advertising the jean from her calf? I would say that she is selling her body. I think if someone is buying a jean from Alexander Wang's store, he or she was attired by the model's nude instead of the jean itself.

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In the article entitled “Lack of black players in South Africa team puts race under spotlight before World Cup”(TheGuardian, August 13th 2015), the author, David Smith argues that racial inequalities persist in the world of sports, specifically rugby. In effect, he exposes the debate taking place regarding the quite small proportion of black people in South Africa rugby team.  He begins by pointing out the fact that the racial diversity illustrated in the World Cup ads is not representative of reality.

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