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About me:

My name is Moe Nukui.
I am a student of Kansai University of International Studies.
I'm from Amagasaki near Osaka Japan.
My birthday is January 16.
I like listening to music.
My favorite artist is One Direction and Adele.
I like to play Kendo.
Kendo is martial art of Japan.
I was doing kendo when I was a junior high school student.
My dream is to work abroad


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This year’s (2014) kanji character is“zei.” It meaning is“tax.”It reasons is increase for consumption tax. Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, drew it. The second most popular character was 熱, meaning is fever. I liked this article because I was looked forward to choose this year’s kanji.

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This article writes about mistake of Honda. The mistake is air bag. A lot of car has the mistake air bag, so Honda should immediately say sorry and do repair, but they didn’t say immediately. they call safety improvement campaign to repair. I think this article is sad because I was trust Honda and I ride car of Honda but first Honda didn’t say we made mistake, so I can’t trust Honda.  

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     I compare song of the English edition with the Japanese edition. The title of the song is “Let It Go.”  Do you know this song? This song is very famous and popular all over the world. This song is the music that Queen Elsa of the main character sang in FROZEN of the Disney movie. It is sung in 42 languages. The English edition is sung by Idina Menzel. The Japanese edition is sung by Takako Matsu. This time, I introduce about similar points and difference points of “Let It Go” of the English edition with the Japanese edition.

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     I like Halloween, but I don’t like Obon. I think that Halloween and Obon are different events. However, there are similar parts, so I would like to tell you about difference and similar points of Halloween and Obon.

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About Tokyo Olympics  

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     Do you know that the earth is in a seriously poor condition? The earth is suffering from warming now. We should know about the earth. And we should know about the sun. I think that the global warming is a scream of the earth. What can we do? And, what is the cause of global warming? Do we have any good ways to improve it? I know global warming, but I do not know very much about global warming. So as for this report, it has a meaning for me very much.

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About aging society   Japan society is aging. Do you know? What is an aging society? First, I explain about the aging society of Japan.

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About games   I often play a game and I like a game very much. Because game is fun. It also becomes stress alleviation. However you should not play a game for a long time. It is not good for eyes. The recent game has good picture. And the story is wonderful. So there are many people absorbed in a game. In fact, I am one person in it.   There are various kinds of game. For example, FPS, TPS, RPG. FPS is abbreviation of “First Person Shooter”.

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A festival of Japan has a lot of very pleasant things. I teach the way of enjoying festivals of Japan.   Do you know the Japanese Festival? Japanese Festival is very fun. That is certainly a part of Japanese culture. The festival of Japan is called “Matsuri”.

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About Kozmoz   I introduce “Kozmoz” under the theme of hunger this time. “Kozmoz” is a volunteer group. It is NPO corporation. Do you know the NPO? NPO is a Non Profit Organization. I didn’t know NPO. But I learned about NPO.   Next I explain a volunteer. A volunteer is a person engaged in volunteer activity. Generally, the volunteer participates in social activities gratis voluntarily and points at a person doing homage.

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Do you know “Kazuo Inamori”? I think he is one of great person in Japan. He is the president of Kyocera. Actually he worked for many kinds of thing. Today I’d like to write about one of his works.

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I would like to talk about TOYOTA Motor Corporation that is company of the car. It is very famous company in Japan. It was made by Toyota Sakichi in 1933. He was always thinking that his dream is to develop everything when he was childhood. Therefore, he liked to develop.

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The Omi merchants   The Omi merchants give a variety of effects on the modern enterprise.The Omi merchants became famous throughout Japan, and very rich too, through their base in jute and other commercial crops. Although the centers of commercial activities were located in the towns and large cities which grew up in the Edo period, the old province of Omi, the area south and east of Lake Biwa, played a large role. Merchants from rural areas like Omi came to fill a very important place in the commercial development of Edo period Japan.

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Cool Japan3 At first I give an explanation that I do "Sanpo yoshi” about. One of the family precepts of Omi shonin is known to be that of 'Sanpo yoshi' (benefit for all three sides), which teaches that in their business the merchant should take into consideration the benefits for the customer, society, and the vendor at the same time.

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Cool Japan I introduce about cool Japan! Speaking of cool Japan, it is the martial arts. I introduce Kendo in that this time. Kendo is a very fun sport. However that’s really tiling. And it is very hot in the summer. I did kendo at the age of a junior high school student. I have two steps now. It was very hard to acquire it.   I introduce a protective gear of the kendo here. At first it is a Men. Men protects a head. So very important it. If there is not this, it is dangerous.

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At first I introduce the U.S. Ambassador to Japan. The current U.S. Ambassador to Japan is Caroline Kennedy. I thought that Kennedy was very serious and busy. She has an important post, which connects the United States and Japan. I think that she was appointed as the ambassador. Probably, was puzzled in many cases. Because she is a person near the President But she is working towards the friendly relations between Japan and the United States. I think that it is very wonderful.

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My name is Moe Nukui.
I am a student of Kansai University of International Studies.
I'm from Amagasaki near Osaka Japan.
My birthday is January 16.
I like listening to music.
My favorite artist is One Direction and Adele.
I like to play Kendo.

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