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Throughout my time at VCS, specifically in Mark’s classes, the idea of globalization has been a major theme. It has always been referred to as something that continuously is growing and we should support in order to be global citizens. However, this has been one of the first drawbacks to globalization that has been brought up. For the first time, global connections are questioned and often viewed negatively. While the personal question of, should the lives of developed nations be valued at treated better than others?

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5142033 Ryosuke Chinen

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Fukushima 5142033 Ryosuke Chinen  

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This article is written about Dragon Ball Z. This is very famous anime and movie in all aver the world. Goku of main character fight with Frieza. So Frieza come many times. It will release new movie. I like this article because when I was child, I often watched it with my brother. So I know about it.

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This article tell me about Leonid meteor. Leonid meteor one of the 12 meteor showers. The Leonids are one of about 12 major meteor showers that happen every year You can watch meteor shower it is 100 an hour. There was the last big Leonid meteor in 200. Leonid meteor is one of the very big meteor. I think that I want to watch Leonid meteor. I am going to watch star in tonight. I can’t watch Orion meteor shower last month. I want to watch next month meteor showers.

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Difference from Halloween and Obon. 5142033 Ryosuke Chinen                             Japan has two events. One of them is Halloween, the other is Obon. Almost all Japanese think Halloween and Obon are different, but actually Halloween is similar to Obon. In the following, I will explain about these two events, first about their similarities, then about their differences and finally which of them is better.               First, I explain about the two events’ similarities. The ancestors are received by their family.

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