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My name is Azusa Sugimoto.
I am from Toyama.Toyama is located the center in Japan.
My birthday is March 16th.
I like singing songs.
My favorite artist is AAA
I am a student of Kansai University of International Studies.
I like children.
I want to be an English teacher at elementary school.


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Success (refresh)   Do you know how to come true your success you want? I think nobody knows about the method because there will be no failed persons if everybody have the knowledge. However, I think there are many keys for the success. I am going to give three keys of them.   Making plans

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Japanese music   They are many kinds of music and singers all over the world. From now, I focus on one singers and group singers in Japan. For instance, the popular one singers is Kana Nishino, and a group singer is AKB48. I am going to wrote about each similar and different things. After that, I will choose which is better, I think.

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There are unique cultures depending on countries. I am going to talk about Obon and Halloween. Obon is the Japanese event, and Halloween is the American event. These are an important culture for the countries. I will compare Obon with Halloween from now.

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     I will introduce about 100 Yen Shops. I often go to 100 Yen Shops. Because it is very cheap and convenient store. So 100 Yen Shops has gained popularity in Japan because pricing of 100 yen have the image of cheap and handy. 100 Yen Shops also has gained popularity abroad.

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Recently, a lot of people go to trip using “Shinkansen”. So, I introduce about Japanese Shinkansen view point of one general information and three specific information. The general information is “Feature of Shinkansen” and it is consist on three specific information. The three specific information are “how useful Shinkansen”, “a kind of Shinkansen of Japan” and “a future problem of Shinkansen”.

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I’m going to talk about global warming. Recently, unusual weather has been happening all over the world. I read one article, ”Effects will become more obvious as Japan ‘s climate changes”. According to the article, “annual average air temperatures nationwide rose by a rate equivalent to 1.15°C per century between 1898 and 2010. This is considerably higher than the global average temperature rise of 0.74°C over the last century”. It is the dangerous condition. Why did the earth change so? It was influenced by greenhouse gas, which includes carbon dioxide and methane gas.

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I think I want to write about global warming. I feel like I have been told since I was a small problem of global warming. Recently, summer is hot compared to the old days, winter is also getting warmer. This temperature change is not only up 0.5 degrees slightly compared to 100 years ago and to the average of the Earth. In the latest report agency of the United Nations of the (IPCC), "in the next 100 years, the temperature rise of 6.4 degrees maximum," that temperature rise of more than 10 times I have been predicted as compared to the 100 years up to now.

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Aging Society  

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I want to write about the population problem of Japan. Everyone As you know, Japan is an aging society, the proportion of (person of 65 years of age or older) elderly as a percentage of the entire nation in 2008 currently 23.26 million people, some 10.03 million people person of 75 years or more of them . Country proud of the elderly population ratio Japan 18.5% of the total population of the elderly, even in the world really. It is estimated that the ratio is more than 25% in 2025.

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I read “Make your choice:Games or Grades”. The author insisted that” I play electronic games every day and my grade have not been as good as they potentially could be.”  I totally disagree with the author’s opinion because it is difficult to keep the only study. Probably, the author would play games too many times. It is natural that the grades will became low if people keep on playing games, and to make matters worse, they can be in poor health due to lack of sleep by doing extra game.

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I think I would like to introduce about Japan’s Aging Society in this Blog Writing now. Aging Society is one of the biggest problem in Japan now too. So, young people is more and more decreasing now too. If old people is more and more increasing, I think many of old people won’t be able to live in Nursing Home. Because young people is more and more decreasing. In this time, I think I would like to write about the conditions and problems and solutions and etc.

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What a rare Japanese Fashion!   Many foreign people who are an exchange student usually said “Japanese woman is feminine.” and “Japanese woman care of their appearance.”, so quite few Japanese woman are praised about fashion. Japanese fashion is one of the rare one all over the world. I will introduce about it.  

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I think I would like to introduce about distribution of Soup-run in this writing blog. I participated to experience distribution of Soup-run in Kamagasaki (Ailinchiku), when I was high school student. I think I would like to introduce experienced distribution of Soup-run in this time now.

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When you asked the word starvation, what kind of feeling do you imagine? Probably, The state that I am hungry, and seems to die.   The starvation as the actual feeling thinks that there is not experience even if we can imagine such a state vaguely. Even if we are going to catch starvation in imagination, I have a feeling that there is the starvation in the far-off other side. The starvation human psychology that is in a state cannot catch it.

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I think I would like to introduce about Hankyu Hanshin Holdings in this time’s writing blog. I always using Hankyu Railways train and I sometimes using Hanshin Railways. Of course, Hankyu Railway is belong to Hankyu Holdings and Hanshin Railways is belong to Hanshin Holdings. There are a lot of shops belong to Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group now. For example, Hankyu and Hanshin Department Store and Hankyu Oasis and ASNUS (convenience store) and FREDS (bakery and cafe restaurant) and etc. I often using these stores when I was using (riding) Hankyu Railways train.

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Nintendo is a one of the famous making a game company in the world. The head office is in Kyoto. At the beginning, the company was making a card game. After that the company made ‘super family computer’, ‘game boy’, ‘Nintendo 3DS’ and ‘Wii’. All games were spread in the world, and have a lot of players. Blue Ocean Strategy which the company uses is strategy.

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Do you know Omi merchant? A merchant from Oomi country, Shiga that the merchant from Omi runs mainly in (earlier period of war in particular) from the Kamakura era to Showa era, and was active. It is one of the Japan's three biggest merchants with Osaka merchant, Ise merchant.

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  “People today are in danger of drowning in information; but, because they have been taught that information is useful, they are more willing to drown than they need be.” – Idries Shah, author and teacher.

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I introduce about the samurai as the one of the Cool Japan. The samurai generally calls a “bushi” in Japanese. The samurai occurred in the Heian era and let society of the noble rule overturn with the armament and the ancient. The samurai originally serve a nobleman. They belong to the lower level of society at the time. They substantial lead many people in the medieval period.   By the way, Japanese samurai is popular all over the world.

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I introduce about ambassadors in Japan and the US. First, I speak on the history of the ambassador between Japan and The US. It was in 1853 that Perry’s fleet came to Japan. Next years, the shogunate and Perry signed the Japan –US Treaty of Peace and Amity It started to open our country to foreign trade and diplomacy of our country. So, it opened a port in Shimoda and Hakodate and confirm that a consul would stay in Shimoda in 1856. Townsend Harris was appointed the first The US consul general in Japan.  

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My name is Azusa Sugimoto.
I am from Toyama.Toyama is located the center in Japan.
My birthday is March 16th.
I like singing songs.

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