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I'm a university student in Japan. I like Japanese Rock music. My favorite rock musician is ONE OK ROCK. They make me remember what I have forgotten. If you are interested in them, check them→

I have a part time job - clam school teacher. I work as individual class teacher. Each class, I have only 1 or 2 students but I can enjoy teaching what they need to study.


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In previous Japan society, there are terrible problems. One problem is called as fewer children society on the other hand is called as aging society. The causes of each problem are not same but each problem will cause to break Japanese society in the future.

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To tell the truth, in Japan, there are many people who are hungry. If you are before lunch, of course you are very hungry but I will pick up the people who are in more serious problem. 16%. Can you understand what number this is? This number shows the people in serious hunger in Japan. It means one out of seven people is suffering from hunger.

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Sanpo Yoshi was one of the words of consciousness of Omi merchant. Omi merchant was Japanese great merchant. They were from Omi, Shiga prefecture. In Japan, Osaka merchant and Ise merchant was also great merchant, so in Japan they were called as “the three greatest merchant”. Omi merchant was called as “Omi merchant” when they went out from Omi and succeed their job. Previous days, we have a lot of companies which are of the school of Omi merchant. For example, Toyota Motor Corporation, Takashimaya Company, Limited and Seibu Railway Company, Limited are of the school of Omi merchant.

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 I agree with the article of “Games or Grades” but I won’t stop playing game because I want to chat other people in game but sometimes I don’t want to talk with vulgarity people because they don’t know better talking way on-line world. In addition, I have a lot of bad experience about playing games. I guess all of people who read my article think I should stop playing game not to feel such a thing. Actually, we always had problems or squabbles with other player who our friends don’t know.

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Cool Japan – Japanese sweets   Japanese sweets, Wagashi is the sweets which are made by the making way in Japanese tradition and they can be called as “Wagashi”. In Edo Era, the word of Wagashi was born to compare with western confectionary but it was not popular. After the Second World War, “Wagashi” became popular all over Japan and “Wagashi” was written on Japanese dictionary – it was mean, Wagashi became really Japanese sweets.

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In my free time, I sometimes play hunting action video game. It is said as violent video game between Japanese in the public mind. I also think it only has bad effect for the people who play it very seriously. Because I’ve never played it seriously, I take great pride in introducing about my favorite three hunting video games without saying any prejudice.

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Samurai is one of Japanese old state. They were on the highest state, had a right to do self-judgment at their private problem and allowed to equip a or two weapons – Katana – evermore. Sometimes, “Bushi” is treated as same group of person with samurai but samurai and Bushi aren’t same. Bushi means “the people who fight in the war wear armor”. If we have some words to exchange of recent year’s word, it should be “military man”. On the other hand, samurai means “the people who work as bodyguard or follower have high state” and it can exchange like sovereign guard.

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The problem of concussions in sports relates to me since I used to play hockey and soccer at a high level and I’ve witnessed some players who suffered a concussion after a big hit to the head. The essay entitled "Concussions in Sports: A Serious Issue in Mental Health Research" will be using scientific research to present the importance of this issue. The articles I used in this essay were all found using academic search premier which is a database where you can find peer-reviewed articles coming from academic journals.

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The present Japanese ambassador in the U.S is Sasae Kenichiro. He was working as the Director General, Asian and Oceania Affairs Bureau, Foreign Ministry Official in Charge of Ministerial Aid, Vice Minister of foreign affairs. He has been the Japanese Ambassador in the U.S since 2012. In 2005, when he was the Director General, Asian And Oceanian Affairs Bureau, he endeavored to negotiate with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. When he started working for the Ministry of foreign Affairs, he received intensive on the job training for English communication.

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I'm a university student in Japan. I like Japanese Rock music. My favorite rock musician is ONE OK ROCK. They make me remember what I have forgotten.

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