Sleep Deprived

     It is no surprise that a night without enough sleep can lead to a groggy morning, but that is not the only thing that can happen when the body needs more sleep. There are more frightening effects to sleep deprivation, if a person is deprived of sleep it can lead to emotional and physical problems. Research over the years has shown that people can be physically and psychologically damaged from not getting enough sleep.

Melatonin Replaces Bedtime Stories


Melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep timing is being administered to children by their parents to help them fall asleep, explains Sam Cooper in his article published in The Province.

When your dreams are talking to you…

While we are sleeping, we are dreaming. A dream is an illustrated representation of our thoughts while our body is sleeping. Can our dreams be influenced by our daily routine or by a specific event that happened in our day? There is a lot of things that can influenced your sleeping, in this article you will see six of them.