Pope Francis: The Change Maker

Born December 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pope Francis is the son of Italian immigrants. The greater part of his life has been dedicated to his faith, as he took his first vows as a Jesuit in 1960. After three years of studies, he began teaching literature and psychology in high school and theology at the San Miguel eminary. He became an ordained priest in 1969 and was named coadjutor archbishop in 1997. On March 13th, 2013, he was finally elected pope, and he retains this position to this day (Meko).

A Warm Welcome for Refugees


300 Syrian Armenian refugees were welcomed to the Montreal community with a special Sunday service and lunch at a church in Outremont, according to CBC News.

The St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral, where the event was held, is part of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada, “which has co-sponsored more than 1,000 Syrian Armenian refugees” and continues to offer their support to newcomers.

Where the Lost Child Refugees Go


A recent report made by the Save the Children Association states that around 26,000 children migrated to Europe in 2015 without any family. More than 10,000 are suspected to have vanished shorty after their arrival in one of Europe’s many countries in the last two years. Europol (, a European agency whose mission is to control crimes and to contribute to Europe’s law enforcement, claims that thousands of these children have disappeared after going through customs.