Consumption – Linear to Cyclic with the Power of Us!


The article titled “Overconsumption is costing us the earth and human happiness” by Celia Cole offers an in-depth analysis of the 2007 documentary titled The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard. The documentary broke the internet explaining the truth behind the psychology of consumerism and how the United States economy became purely based on resources. Leonard describes the consumption process as a linear system that starts with extracting resources, to production, distribution, consumption and then disposal. This system has been perceived at only face value for many years.

Water Supply in Huge Danger!!


Canada's Great Lakes holds 20% of the worlds fresh water supply. Water is a basic right for humans and as such, Canada has taken the responsibility of ensuring not only our own country has access to safe drinking water, but also export large amounts of water to other countries who are not so fortunate to have the abundance of water that we do. The State holds a responsibility to its constituents to protect the resources and use them sustainably for future generations. The use of water has been based off stationarity which is basing management of water off past fluctuations in supply.