The Problem with Needles

Currently in Japan, only medical doctors are able to administer tattoos legally (Marsh, J., Ogura, J. & Kobayashi, C., 2017). According to the little-known law, tattooing involves a needle protruding into the skin, which is similar to injections done by nurses or doctors, thus relating tattooing to medical practices. This led to tattoo artists being unable to make a living, or enjoy the freedom of carrying out their profession. What kind of problems are there, precisely? And how are the artists dealing with the issue?

Japanese School System


As read from a Japanese writer,the Japanese school system is very different from america's. Students spend more time at school in Japan, as they have 3 semesters instead of 2 like us. They also have longer semesters, and less vacations. In fact, bet ween all three semesters, they get 6 weeks of vacation in the summer, and 2 weeks between each semester(winter and spring break). Most of the time, even though these are "vacations", students are loaded with homework.

A Walking Maiden and A Shapeshifting Tanuki

There are many cool people in Japan. Most of them may be said to be from the entertainment industry. For example, I am sure that people who are familiar with Japan, would definitely have heard of Takuya Kimura, otherwise known as KimuTaku, or the girl idol group called AKB48. Truthfully, I am not much of a fan of such famous celebrities. However, I am a fan of a Japanese writer called Tomihiko Morimi, I definitely think that he is worth mentioning and sharing about. For one, his novels are extremely entertaining, with plenty of adventures to go around for all readers.