Learn and Be Happy

Do happiness and education correlate. Yes, as I presented in my last blog post, they do. This time, I look at what education is and what exactly the definition of happiness is. Of course, both of these topics are very broad, but here are a couple of very brief definitions.   

Education, Income and Happiness

Many people think that having more money leads to happiness? Is that really true?


The Pursuit of Unhappiness

     Finding happiness is a universally promoted value. Although, constantly searching to be happy has been found to give opposite effects. It is a paradox. In fact, two researchers, Brett Ford and Matt Killingsworth, examined the causes and consequences of searching for happiness.

The path to achieve happiness difficult


Happiness! A simple word, but yet, a word that can be very difficult for many people to understand the true meaning of it. While it does have the same common idea for many, each person does have its own criteria to describe how happy we are and the way to pursuit and achieve happiness is different from one to another. To get the main points of the article, happiness is a state that represents having a meaningful life, meaning that you live with thought and purpose.

The Psychology of Happiness

The article is about the psychology of happiness. The author of the article, Dr. Jeremy Dean, recommends to his readers 10 easy activities scientifically proven that could make us happier everyday. The first activity is to mentally subtract something good from your life so that we appreciate it even more. The second activity is to send a thankful message to someone, which is also suppose to makes us appreciate what we have. The third activity is to spend money on someone else. It makes us feel like a good person that does not only think about herself.

It starts with a cup of coffee

800 cups of coffee have been bought by the same person to give them back to strangers. Why? To share happiness. Some studies had shown that spending money for someone else would “increase” your level of happiness, because you are not only thinking about yourself.