Great suit Great Breakfast

In this “SuitSupply” ad that has as its main goal to sell men suits for different occasions illustrates a man probably going to work in the morning. The male in the ad is shown as if he is about to perform sexual actions on the female in the picture laying on the counter of the kitchen half naked, and about to sip her cup of coffee. The woman is being used for the guy’s pleasure in the picture which makes her appear as if she's an object that is there to please the man every morning like a daily coffee cup.



Cultural Knowledge and Gender in Traffic Safety Ads

This ad by the German Traffic Security Council is part of a bigger campaign launched in 2014. The campaign consists of three posters to raise awareness about safer driving. As a side-note I’d like to mention, that 2/3 of the posters feature male drivers and the only woman driver is shown with other females as passengers. In this post I will show three elements that raise the possibility to understand that poster and give meaning to its contents, the elements are not ordered in any hierarchical way.

Gender in the Classroom and What We Don't Talk About

I come from a rural public school system, where much of the social structure followed a very traditional path, with the expected cliques and social roles. Similarly, the techniques used within the classroom are exactly what you would expect form a traditional rural school. After reading the article, I began to think about how my educational experience contained very much of expected gender roles and treatment. From the gym class sport choices to the course options presented, much of the average public school is based on gender roles that are much more traditional than one would think.

Chris Brown's Domestic Assault on Rihanna Through a Gendered Lens

We've all heard it before, domestic violence is a very real and present issue in many cultures today, and celebrities are no exception. A recent BBC article interviewed Rihanna about the very exposed abusive relationship she endured with her now ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna points out interesting things related to her specific case of domestic abuse and how she managed to thrive for a change by trying to reform her ex-boyfriend, even though the violence was still pursuing in her life.


The X-Files Reboot Makes ‘Equal Pay’ sound like Area 51


On January 24th, fans from all over gathered around laptops and TV sets to watch the premiere of The X-Files reboot. After nine seasons of content, which capped off in 2002, “baited breath” was the motto as everyone impatiently awaited the return of their favorite myth-busting duo. And though this revival brings the beloved 90s series into the modern era, it seems that FOX was less than eager to extend the same courtesy to leading lady Gillian Anderson.

Violence has no gender?

Domestic violence against men has been starting to be discussed on a broad level in the last years. The research on the subject is still meagre but conscience is slowly rising. Men as victims are starting to get noticed and women are said to adapt their violence behaviour to men because societal roles are changing.

What portion does domestic violence against men take up and in what forms does it appear? Is the violence that men experience by their partners really the same as women’s? And what can be done about it? I will try to paint a full picture.

Equal Pay Day was on March 20th – Some recent attempts to close the Gender Gap

Yesterday was “Equal Pay Day” in Germany and in some other countries with a comparable gender wage gap. It states the day in a year until which women have to work until they have statistically earned the same as men in the previous year. [1] The gender pay gap is still one of the most common and effective ways to measure the discrimination of women in the work place on a macro level. The Global Gender Gap Report is published once a year by the World Economic Forum to compare the gender gap of 142 countries.

Are women the "exclusive" terrorists?

When it comes to terrorism, gender plays a significant role. Not only do women have a special part in terrorist organizations, but also the term terrorism bears a special notion when it comes to gender. Using the examples of the film "The Attack" and of well-known German terrorist groups, I want to show how gender and terrorism are intertwined. 

"The Attack"

Did Women Cause The Death Of Chivalry?

     There’s an article on Elite Daily called “Why Chivalry Is Dead, From a Man’s Perspective” by John Picciuto ( ) which is about his ideas on why chivalry is dead. In summary, to Picciuto chivalry is gone, men no longer take women out on fancy dates with deep conversations but more like to bars with small talk.