A Walking Maiden and A Shapeshifting Tanuki

There are many cool people in Japan. Most of them may be said to be from the entertainment industry. For example, I am sure that people who are familiar with Japan, would definitely have heard of Takuya Kimura, otherwise known as KimuTaku, or the girl idol group called AKB48. Truthfully, I am not much of a fan of such famous celebrities. However, I am a fan of a Japanese writer called Tomihiko Morimi, I definitely think that he is worth mentioning and sharing about. For one, his novels are extremely entertaining, with plenty of adventures to go around for all readers.

Cultural Knowledge and Gender in Traffic Safety Ads

This ad by the German Traffic Security Council is part of a bigger campaign launched in 2014. The campaign consists of three posters to raise awareness about safer driving. As a side-note I’d like to mention, that 2/3 of the posters feature male drivers and the only woman driver is shown with other females as passengers. In this post I will show three elements that raise the possibility to understand that poster and give meaning to its contents, the elements are not ordered in any hierarchical way.

Blog Post #3 - Individual Narratives: Are They Enough?

           The last few discussions in class have focused a lot of attention on that of individuals and whether or not individual people have the ability to accurately retell the story of a historical event.  The last film we watched in class addresses this concept really well. That film is We Were Here, 2011 documentary co-directed by David Weissman and Bill Weber. It documents the experiences of 5 individuals who were affected by and/or involved with the AIDS crisis of San Francisco in the early 1980’s.

Racism Live In Canada


Racism Live in Canada

By: Robin Coward

Robotics and the Internet

In what ways is the development of robotics technology analogous to the development of American culture? What does our development and use of robotics say about our cultural development? What are the advantages and perils of the combined technologies of robotics and the internet?

Dangerous Body Images Influenced by Culture