Love Thy Neighbour: How the church is getting involved

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to become acquainted with a couple churches around the South Shore and in Montreal, getting a better sense of what each is doing in order to get involved with their community and with global issues.

Growing up in a Christian community, I’d sometimes felt that the church was separate from the outside world. It seemed as though there was an invisible rift between the people I would see during a Sunday service and those that would sit next to me in class; sermons and worship seemingly never intersected with real-world issues.

INTERVIEW: Bianca Hébert

The following is an interview between the author, Julie Brown, and Bianca Hébert, the chair of the youth group of Rosemount Bible Church. The interview was conducted on April 29th, 2016.

The article that these interviews were conducted for can be found here.


BROWN: How long have you been involved with RBC (Rosemount Bible Church) on a leadership level?

INTERVIEW: Matheus Schultz

The following is the transcript of an interview between the author, Julie Brown, and Matheus Schultz, a college student and member of Saint-Marc's Parish in Candiac. The interview was conducted on April 6th, 2016. The event discussed took place on April 3rd, 2016. 

The article that these interviews were conducted for can be found here.


BROWN: Tell us a bit about the event that you orchestrated.

The Papacy for New Power


In an article for CBC News, the Associated Press describes the way in which Pope Francis’ papacy has shown itself to be reflective of modern leadership tendencies. Noting that the Church has often been self-centered and isolated from its followers, Francis calls for priests to “get out of their sacristies, get their shoes muddy, [and] get involved in the lives of their faithful”.

‘Moral selving’ and Faith-based volunteering


In a review for Social Forces of Rebecca Anne Allahyari’s book “Vision of Charity: Volunteer Workers and Moral Community”, Cheryl Carpenter outlines the research performed by Allahyari in two different meal programs in Sacramento, California: Loaves & Fishes, and a Salvation Army meal program.

Though both programs ultimately had the same goal – providing meals for the poor – their backgrounds and different contributors mean that they “defined, justified and practiced this work in markedly different ways with different consequences for volunteers”.

A Warm Welcome for Refugees


300 Syrian Armenian refugees were welcomed to the Montreal community with a special Sunday service and lunch at a church in Outremont, according to CBC News.

The St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral, where the event was held, is part of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada, “which has co-sponsored more than 1,000 Syrian Armenian refugees” and continues to offer their support to newcomers.

YouTube a lack of "professionalism"


Counterpoint: YouTube Lowers the Quality of Entertainment. By: Rich, Alex K., Wagner, Geraldine, Points of View: YouTube, 2013

Libraries: A Valuable Establishment

Ever since I was a young child I have been obsessed with how libraries are being run. From the way that the books smell to the actual buildings I’ve always loved being in them. This love originally started with The Boston Free Library, a tiny library near my hometown south of Buffalo. I originally went there for story hour, a reading hour where the librarian would read to the kids, and I was hooked. I continued to go to all of the programs from reading help for young children to a book trivia event that took place throughout Erie County for years after that.

First Responders: “Who we are. What we do. And why we do it.”

     Imagine anyone’s worst nightmare: a house fire, a car accident, a bank robbery, being trapped on the side of a mountain, a loved one experiencing a heart attack, the thought of any of these things is too much to bear for most people. First responders; police officers, Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics think about these things on a daily basis, not only about how to prevent them, but what to do if and when these things should occur. Many people do not understand the training, both initial and ongoing that the first responders who arrive in their greatest hour of need go through.

Social Aspects of Track and Field

Most people find it stupid, but track and field is actually the most social sport on earth. It can bring the world together like no other sport can. The sport is exciting when you get into it, and causes people to have a great deal of respect for what the athletes are doing. Track is one of the most social sports there is, and the whole world can appreciate it.