Meat Tax - The Solution to Climate Change?


Ask almost anyone on how they think the world should solve the issue of global warming. Odds are their immediate answer will be “use less fossil fuels.” However, recent research has shown that there may be a simpler solution that can be found right on our dinner plates. In the article “Denmark wants to tax meat to help combat climate change” by The Metro, It is reported that Denmark has proposed a tax on all beef products, in an effort to stop climate change.

The Pope's Visit to Congress was a Message to Republicans

On Thursday September 24, 2015, Pope Francis traveled to the United States to deliver a historic speech. He delivered his speech to a joint meeting of the Senate, and of the House of Representatives. It was the first time the head of the Roman Catholic Church had the luxury of speaking to American politicians in congress. The pope did not hesitate to raise some important, yet sensitive issues regarding climate change. He urged Americans to re-think their approach to fossil fuel burning in order to limit the effects on the environment caused by humans.

Climate, Justice & Global Capitalism


“Perhaps at the time of the 1992 Earth Summit, or even at the turn of the millennium, 2°C levels of mitigation could have been achieved through significant evolutionary changes within the political and economic hegemony. But climate change is a cumulative issue! Now, in 2013, we in high-emitting (post-)industrial nations face a very different prospect. Our ongoing and collective carbon profligacy has squandered any opportunity for the ‘evolutionary change’ afforded by our earlier (and larger) 2°C carbon budget. Today, after two decades of bluff and lies, the remaining 2°C budget demands revolutionary change to the political and economic hegemony”

- Kevin Anderson, Deputy Director of the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research (UK)