First Nations and National Parks

                 The article “First Nation traditional hunters harvest 6 animals in Jasper National Park” talks about how First Nations were pushed off their traditional land in the Jasper National Park area and how this effected them.  They lost part of their culture when they were not allowed to hunt in this area.  Through the process of reconciliation between the First Nations and the government things are starting to change.

A Greener Approach to E-waste Disposal


A Greener Approach to E-waste Disposal

Why are dropout rates higher in Aboriginal communities than in the rest of Canada?

On average, Aboriginal people in Quebec are less well educated than all Aboriginal Canadians, who are themselves less well educated than all Canadians. In Quebec, the proportion of Aboriginal people is almost three times greater than elsewhere in Canada, and a larger proportion of First Nations people lives on reserves. The poverty among the Aboriginal people is increasing in Canada. This meaningful issue is one of the main cause of school dropout of the Aboriginal people.

Are You Boreal? What's Happening With Canada's Boreal Forest?

With climate change, industrialization and environmental resource extraction on the rise, it is obvious that our environment will suffer. The boreal forest is the target of these developments, and this calls into question the sustainability and long-term impacts of our reliance on the boreal forest in Canada. A healthy boreal forest is essential to the livelihoods of countless animals, ecosystems, people and our economy.

INTERVIEW: Matheus Schultz

The following is the transcript of an interview between the author, Julie Brown, and Matheus Schultz, a college student and member of Saint-Marc's Parish in Candiac. The interview was conducted on April 6th, 2016. The event discussed took place on April 3rd, 2016. 

The article that these interviews were conducted for can be found here.


BROWN: Tell us a bit about the event that you orchestrated.

A Warm Welcome for Refugees


300 Syrian Armenian refugees were welcomed to the Montreal community with a special Sunday service and lunch at a church in Outremont, according to CBC News.

The St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Cathedral, where the event was held, is part of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of Canada, “which has co-sponsored more than 1,000 Syrian Armenian refugees” and continues to offer their support to newcomers.

More Money for Students


In early October, the Liberals promised to increase the grant fund that would be provided to post-secondary students. They plan on paying for the grants by scrapping the “targeted education and textbook tax credit.” However, this will only cover the majority of the cost of the grants and not all of it.    

Should Canada sell its water?


Journalist Barrie McKenna discusses the potential of one of Canada’s most abundant natural resources: water. Should Canada consider exporting water to other countries, such as the United States, for profit? McKenna says we should.

Consent Or Else