A Walking Maiden and A Shapeshifting Tanuki

There are many cool people in Japan. Most of them may be said to be from the entertainment industry. For example, I am sure that people who are familiar with Japan, would definitely have heard of Takuya Kimura, otherwise known as KimuTaku, or the girl idol group called AKB48. Truthfully, I am not much of a fan of such famous celebrities. However, I am a fan of a Japanese writer called Tomihiko Morimi, I definitely think that he is worth mentioning and sharing about. For one, his novels are extremely entertaining, with plenty of adventures to go around for all readers.

A Shift in Medical Paradigm

A Shift in Medical Paradigm
Empirical Observations: 
Throughout the analysis of the physical exterior of the book “Anatomy of the Bones Muscles” by John Bell, several attributes and key features are noticeable which evidently distinguish it from the writings 
that are published today. Primarily, the rugged texture of the front cover which possesses a unique pattern similar to snake skin being quite apparent gives no information about the subjects addressed in its