Meat Tax - The Solution to Climate Change?


Ask almost anyone on how they think the world should solve the issue of global warming. Odds are their immediate answer will be “use less fossil fuels.” However, recent research has shown that there may be a simpler solution that can be found right on our dinner plates. In the article “Denmark wants to tax meat to help combat climate change” by The Metro, It is reported that Denmark has proposed a tax on all beef products, in an effort to stop climate change.

New human killing spider found


Most people in the world are afraid of spiders, even the harmless ones. Now, these people wouldn’t react well to the new spider specie, found along Australia’s southern coast.

There are many funnel-web spiders (with funnel-shaped webs), but only Sudney funnel-web spider is known to live in Booderee National Park. The scientists of Australian National University (ANU), who found this venomous spider, were surprised to see that this creature was in fact not a known funnel-web spider.


After been doing so many researches on animal rights, I am curious about what is truly out there. In fact, there are so many organizations deal with animals in Canada, and they all have different functions on helping animals. The following are the best five I’ve found from google in Canada, all of them are working their best to help animals in their own ways, and the information is the following.

Animal Aid Foundation