by scruvellier on December 9, 2013 - 10:00pm

  • Teen Mental Health is an organization that is about understanding mental health "helping those who need us most." their goal is to help and improve peoples view on mental health. To help those in need that are suffering with the use of develop application ready training tools, publications and certain resources and tools that allows people that want to help and also the people that are suffering from mental health and mental disorders.   
  • I would support this organization by making a donation, its great that their bringing not only help and support to the ones that are suffering but to the families and are exploring other options such as explaining to the world that everyday there are people living and surviving a mental ilness. I would very much support this organization after understanding what knowledge people can learn. A donation for the ones that are suffering yet surviving through a mental state and for those who are brave enough to understand and help those in need. 

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