What the Frack?

by Brielle W on September 8, 2012 - 11:08am

     Fracking in upstate NY is a topic everyone should be educated on and concerned about. Fracking can affect the quality of life people currently thrive on in New York. From the air we breathe, the water we drink, the soil we walk on, the land we farm on, and the beautiful lakes we all enjoy to swim in, all are at risk with process of fracking.

     What is Fracking? The term fracking is the familiar word used for hydraulic fracturing. Fracking is a method of gaining access to natural gas that is found underground. It involves drilling wells into different formations of carbonates, coal, and shale. In New York, Marcellus shale is the prime target. Using water and sand under extreme pressure, at a depth of over a mile deep, the process actually “fractures” the shale, allowing gas to escape and be collected.

     We can all agree our country is in dire need for a quick development to supply the huge levels of energy American consumers’ demand. We are all aware that the United States of America is highly dependent on oil being imported from Canada and other foreign countries. Yet, the solution for dependency is not fracking in New York.

     Fracking companies show data that drilling methods and design are safe if conducted properly. What “if” they are not conducted properly? The Pro-Frackers discuss how extreme safety precautions have been taken to keep contaminants out of our upstate NY soil, air, and water. They tell facts on how fracking will create a large amount of great jobs and the boost to the local economy.

     What fracking supporters fail to report is at what cost are these benefits to our future local economy! When the fracking is completed will the fracking companies be there to help us when we are unable to drink our water, unable to farm our lands, unemployed, unable to pay our mortgage/sell our house, and tourism is depleted due to contaminated lakes. The huge benefits (profits) for fracking companies are guaranteed, the benefits for New York are not.

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