Once Saved, Now Homeless

by Wassim on April 7, 2013 - 11:49pm

According to an article titled “Quebec to dismantle ‘At Home’ program” written by Charlie Fidelman and published by The Montreal Gazette on April 7, 2013, Quebec is shutting down their already five year housing program for mentally ill homeless people.

Fidelman goes on to say that this program isn’t completely closing. The housing program will continue, but the psychosocial support will not continue. Director of Maison du Pere, France Desjardins, said “We don’t need more shelters. And we don’t want more people living in more shelters. We want them to live on their own”. The housing system allowed these people to live their own lives.

Unfortunately, with the closure of this program, the homeless people living in these homes have left and gone back to the streets. Some have even been arrested or sent to the hospital because their behaviors’ were so radical, according to Fidelman. Luckily, some went to other shelters. However, shelters do not allow people to live a normal life. The housing system allowed their residents to pay their own rent with the jobs they attained.

Every time I walk in Montreal, I always feel slightly depressed. Homeless people are there at every turn and it’s quite sad to see them so unhappy. These programs allowing them to live their own life actually pave the way to them getting back on their two feet. I would hate for Quebec to close this program and I hope people are willing to donate their time and money, to bring this amazing program back.