Forget Me Not: The Alzheimer Society of Montreal

by Kindsey on February 24, 2014 - 1:44pm

The Alzheimer Society of Montreal wants everyone to realize that “Beyond the disease there is the person”. Their goal is to help out people suffering from Alzheimer and their families by easing the consequences related to this mental illness. Moreover, they constantly promote studies to find out the source of Alzheimer and discover a cure. Every year they hold the “Walk for Memories” which has for goal to sensitize the population to Alzheimer and other similar illnesses as well as to collect money to continue researching for the causes and cure, and so that the Alzheimer Society can continue to offer quality services to people diagnosed with dementia as well as their close ones. They also hold a ball every year and a golf tournament as fundraisers with the same goal as the Walk for Memories. Furthermore, their support services includes counselling, support groups, teleconferences, conferences, a training program for Health Care Professionals, activity centers and so much more. The Society needs donations, participation in their events, people to organize more fundraisers and volunteers, many volunteers. I have contacted Jessica Seidman for further projects and activities planned this year and she confirmed that all activities and project remain the same year to year.

                These volunteers are needed in Activity Centers, to help spread out awareness in conferences, to help out at their events and their fundraising campaigns, and to give them a hand in the Society’s offices.

                If you are interested to volunteer for The Alzheimer Society of Montreal, you need to send your CV, a completed form (found here) and a letter of motivation either by e-mail at or by mail at the following address:

Alzheimer Society of Montreal 
5165 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 410
Montreal, Quebec 
H4A 1T6.


This article was of great interest to me when I saw the title as I have family in Montreal and because my Grandfather had Alzheimers. With that said I can tell you that Alzheimers takes a toll on not only the person who has it but on their families and friends as well. I saw my Grandfather go from being family oriented and having everyone around to unable to even say the names of me and my cousins or move on his own during his final years. Alzheimers is something that changes your life more than anyone realizes, it can change the way you look at things and with that said it's something i'm glad to see people are willing to help. It brings me happiness to see that people are willing to take steps to address this issue and are willing to help it anyway that they can, thank you for posting this because I needed to see that.

I like how you started your post with the quote “Beyond the disease there is a person” I have been personally affected by Alzheimer’s and I think for people to understand how terrible the disease is they need to see it first hand. It is very difficult to go to your grandparents and have your grandfather not sure who you are, or even worse when he doesn’t know his own name. Alzheimer is a horrible disease and I really like how you took this post, as a moment to discuss the charity work being done because the best thing we, as a society, can do is donate money to research to find a cure. Alzheimer is similar to cancer in a way that this is a disease that touches many people that can’t do anything but hope a cure is found. The best way to help find a cure, if you are not a researcher, is to raise all the money you can. Alzheimer has many victims outside of the patient specifically, because the whole family is losing someone because they may be physically alive but are mentally a completely different person. I also like your posts idea to educate the community about the disease and similar diseases because sometimes it is difficult to understand. My aunt has early onset Alzheimer’s and even at 58 does not remember who her grandchildren are. Also when we are at a party she may walk up to people she has never met and act like they have known each other forever. That is why it is important for people to understand so that they don’t make a judgment or make a rude comment to someone with the disease that doesn’t know that they are doing something wrong. Overall I like you post because Alzheimer’s is horrifying disease that has many victims and needs to be funded for research to find a cure.

I like how they said “Beyond the disease there is the person”. Thats a very strong quote on telling people deep down everyone is a human and should have equal rights. If someone is less fortunate then you you should not put them down but help them up when they fall, and to boost their confidence and self esteem. This organization really shows that people care around the world, and are here to help.

Hi Kindsey,
I can see that you care a lot about the wellbeing of people suffering of alzheimer's disease and I think that the organization that you found is amazing because it reaches out to the families who are going through this by collecting money,easing the consequences related to this mental disease and promoting studies to find out the source of the alzheimer’s disease as you said. I would like to share with you another organization that is related to your topic, the organization of Baluchon Alzheimer. Here is the link to their site;
Baluchon Alzheimer is an organization located in Montreal that intents to help people with dementia diseases in the comfort of their home. It was created on April 8,1999 by Marie Gendron where her goal was to facilitate the lives of these people by not moving them.their mission to offer support for caregivers who are dealing with taking care of their loved ones with alzheimer’s disease or other related illnesses. Someone will be going to the person’s house for 4 to 14 days where they will be taking care of them from their home while still respecting the values established by the organization. As stated, their goal is to “Provide quality, accessible, home-support services with support, evaluation and follow-up. This organization values a lot of things such as; confidentiality and authenticity, respect for the autonomy of the person, respect for the private life and privacy and respect for dignity(
Baluchon Alzheimer has won three awards that includes ; being a finalist at the OCTAS in 2013 which is a contest that recognizes the creativity,dynamic and the industry's contribution to the society. The also won a reward in 2012 excellence award( where McGill’s Generatology Seminar as quoted by (“At each annual conference, to thank the presenters, the organizing committee rewards a community organization that provides services that are considered excellent to seniors”. Lastly the organization got the 2011 department of health and social services excellence award.
If you want to join them and feel like you would contribute to their organization, they are continuously accepting applications from professionals. Send them your resume at can also become a member-friend of Baluchon Alzheimer by sending them a contribution of 20$ which will let you vote at the “annual meeting and at the reception of the L'entre’ide-memoire newsletter”. Just click on this link; membership.
This organization will change the lives of the people with dementia disease by taking care of them without having to move them in an assistance home care. The patients are now able to stay in the comfort of their home because of organizations like this.
To contact them:
10138 Lajeunesse Street, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec. H3L 2E2

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