Historical comparison of India and Quebec

by Andrei on April 1, 2014 - 10:31pm

The situation of India and Pakistan is very similar of the situation of Quebec and Canada. To begin, they had a common source a problem (the British in this case) and they both had to ally in order to get rid of the problem. The Quebec is a minority in Canada and they want to be considered as a different country because of their different language, historical background, religion, traditions etc. Like the Muslim in India, the Quebec population tried to become an Independent country. Quebec tried twice with referendum but failed, unlike the Muslim who succeeded by creating Pakistan. In both cases, the two opposite sides had to make some concessions. Quebec has their own province with their own limited government and the Muslim have a country making India loose a part of it territory. In both cases despite some occasional violence, the two groups tried to make pacific agreement. In India, Ghandi claimed the passive aggressive way in order to get ride in the British Empire and to make concessions with the Muslim. In Canada, Quebec tried with law like the law 101 to separate itself gradually from Canada. In both cases, humans right are not always respected and conflicts occasionally occur. Therefore, they should try harder in a pacific way to arrive to an agreement that satisfy both side.


You bring a very interesting point when you mentioned that although Quebec has not reached the independence, the Quebecers have obtained their own province and provincial government. Also, it is true that both countries suffered form some problems related to the British. However, we have to keep in mind that the British were not at the origin of the problem between the majority of Hindus and the minority of Muslims in India.

I like how you mentioned that British was one of the similarities that both India/Pakistan and Quebec/Canada had however, the British weren't necessarily the main cause of this conflict. I wouldn't really argue that human rights weren't met, because in Canada I understand that there is more English that French but I don't agree that right now what Quebec is trying to do with the English language is fair. Muslims were minorities when compared to the Hindus but they didn't try to make it illegal to speak a language. I do agree that they should find a common ground for both the Muslims and for Quebec, but it might be difficult considering they all want different things that might go against what the country's beliefs and tradition.

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