Divided Kingdoms

by Émilie Saucier on October 6, 2017 - 7:59am

As of right now, Britain is part of the European Union, but it is expected to leave it soon. This would have consequences in Northern Ireland which is part of the united kingdom. A separation would mean for them that they would need a real border separating Northern Ireland from Ireland. Which would mean that they couldn't rely as much anymore on them on aspects such as economical and agricultural. Also imposing a border would be very difficult and costly since about 300 roads are crossing the border. Northern  Ireland is not the only one to disagree with the united kingdom separation, Scotland also strongly disagree with it. What might just happen of all of this is for Britain to not only get out of the European Union but also to break the united kingdom altogether. This is seen as a social problem because whichever the outcome, it concerns the entire population of the united kingdom excluding Britain.

Seeing this, one might wonder if they do really are a united kingdom, then why do they have such different opinion on whether to get out of the European Union or not and why the decision of the British is not contested in itself instead of trying to work around it.



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