A Proof that Science and the Medias cannot get along

by Vincent Page on February 7, 2018 - 11:56am

February 7, 2018                                                                                   Vincent Pagé





A Proof that Science and Medias cannot get along



The article I decided to talk about shows how climate researches can be affected by the medias nowadays. More specifically, it tells us how some scientists got their research on climate change turning into a fake news and how they dealt with it.


The analysis they did showed that there was more headroom between the actual global temperature and the one established by the Paris Agreement to be the maximum temperature increase. Instantly, multiple medias took the results of the research and translated it as if the scientists said that climate change wasn’t that big of an issue or that it would take longer before it actually becomes a real threat. This is how it became a fake news.


Obviously, the message behind this study was not to minimize the climate change issue. The researchers responded to all the wrong interpretations they read with this article. They explained, in depth, that the results were relative to the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The research showed that it would take longer then what was estimated by previous studies before the temperature reach a headroom of 1.5 C.





The fact that the article was written by the person who made the research itself gives a lot of credibility to it. I believe that fighting against fake news is something hard and this article did it with respect and authenticity. They assumed the results they got and responded wisely to the all the medias that used their work to give false information. Another thing that makes it really credible is how they linked the articles about their study and the fake news as well so we could clearly see what it was all about.




Grubb, Michael. ‘’Here’s how my climate research got turned into a fake news’’

CityMetric, Climate Change, January 31, 2018



Hello Vincent,
The content of your post is quite interesting, climate change is not something to mess with, it is a real growing issue of our current century. The reading of your post made me research a little bit, I did not know what exactly the Paris Agreement was. After reading it twice, I realised that I totally agree with the opinion you express in your post. To increase the quality of your post, I would explain a little bit more about the Paris Agreement to make the readers know a bit more on the subject. In general your article is really interesting with some good vocabulary in it. Keep up the good work!:)

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