Humans racially different?

by Vanessa Ex on September 11, 2015 - 4:09pm

The article entitled ‘The Science of Race, Revisited’ written by David Freeman and published in the 6 July 2015, analyzes the concept of Race analyzed with the scientific approach. In order to do so, he interviewed Dr. Marcus Feldman, who studied biology at Stanford University.  Thanks to his answers, people may be informed that the term ‘race’, due to its inconsistency, is now replaced by ‘continental ancestry’ for most biologists. This term exists due to the classification of human that began with Aristotle combined with Blumenbach’s classification of the five human races in 1755. It is possible to determine with technology people’s ancestry according to their genes. This way, it gives information about DNA and ancestry with objectivity. In addition, studies prove that there is not much variation among the human population. Indeed, some populations have specific genes that may be related to a higher tolerance to something or related a disease. However, none of them are related to higher level of intelligence. It also mentions that xenophobia is not genetic. In addition, globalization also increases the fact that most people with time will look a like with the constant migration. The final question was about the term race and racism and if their existence were a necessity. The answer was that the term race should not exist because there are not enough DNA differences among humans to create subspecies category, but that racism is obviously and unfortunately something living and existing today.


This article is very interesting because it analyzes the basic concept of race and its origins. Many people argue that if the term race does not exist, racism does not exist either. Fortunately, the biologist did mention that race is something socially constructed has impacted society and created what we call today racism. Others try to explain the rationality of racism through the fear of the unknown scientifically.Therefore, the idea that humans can be scared of other humans looking differently is not rationally supported by science. Furthermore, in the lecture ‘ Race Without Color’ it is clearly mentioned that racial classification did not come from science.


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The article you chose is a very interesting one. A lot of people today, I feel don't understand that race doesn't exist due to scientific research. Most people still today that think of race still see it as subspecies and it’s wrong. As you mentioned in your article there isn't enough evidence in our DNA to categorize humans. As Jablonski said in her article, "Human Skin Pigmentation as an example of Adaptive Evolution", our early ancestors had a light skin with dark fur. Some population evolved to having darker skin for protection from the sun. I do feel like racism is being more exposed and less used but there is still a lot of controversy on what is and isn’t racist. Like Taylor Swift’s music video shown in class, the video took place in Africa with all the animals, but not one African was shown in the video. Does that mean she’s racist or is she only using Africa and the animals for the scenery? Race doesn’t exist because all humans are the same, yet not everyone see it that way. With a technological society why is it not spreading around as it could?

I chose to respond to Vanessa Ex’s article, named “Humans racially different?” To begin, I decided to comment on your article because it has a catchy title. In fact, choosing to ask a question as a title is a good way to arouse the reader’s curiosity. Also, I think your article is relevant to the topic of race and racism, because the title and content directly refer to one of the main questions discussed in class, which is: “Do races really exist among humans?” Moreover, there are good links between your article and the course material. For instance, the article mentions the classification of human beings, as well as the lack of genetic differences among humans to claim the existence of subspecies, and so does Darren Curnoe’s article called “Human races: Biological Reality or Cultural Delusion?” Another fact that both course material and the article bring up is that although the concept of race is socially constructed, our belief in it, also known as racism, is real. However, you could have made your response paragraph a bit longer and explain in more depth the point of Jared Diamond in his lecture. Overall, I think that your summary and response were very good.