Does race play a role in dating?

by MelinaMurray on September 10, 2015 - 5:17pm

The article entitled “When dating, stick to your own race” by Geraldine Estevez, is an intriguing opinion based text found on Huffington’s blog website (06/01/15). Throughout the piece, the author emphasizes how when dating, although choosing someone of the same race is the easiest solution, since you already have many elements in common, it is not always the right choice. She states that sometimes to find love you must look outside your horizon, thus be open to anyone. I agree with the author, I believe in a relationship to be simply of the same race is not sufficient; two people’s connection must be much greater than that. Estevez also uses her article to define our view on race. She uses her text to questions our definition of race. As oppose to simply dividing people into groups based on their skin color, which is what many do, the author challenges us with the option of classifying humans based on their origins. The authors view on race is very different from the text by Darren Curnoe, since he states that race may be based on many things, however a person’s origin is not one of them.  Overall Geraldine Estevez’ opinion text allows readers to redefine their view on a century old term by challenging them to be open when it comes to love.


I totally agree with this, why should one be stuck to date someone of their own skin colour. Where is the problem with a black and a white person dating. Sure some communities are in absolute disgust with this. But they are just ignorant, they are close-minded and stubborn yet they must stop living in denial of the cold hard facts. Fundamentally we are all the same, biologically we are so closely related that it shouldn't matter. This is a topic really relevant to today as the world is ever more connected, being able to travel around the world in about a day, internet and dating sites, where all "races" have access. There is no problem with this, people are going to have to get used to this new world.

Dear MelinnaMurray,
The title of the article has intrigued me to look further into this reading. I have to mention that I am on the same page as you regarding ‘’relationship of the same race’’ after reading your summary. In the article “Does race play a role in dating “, I find that it is not enough to limit your standards to some criteria because it is the simplest way as you mention above. I believe you need to go beyond your comfort zone sometimes. In addition, I personally think knowing various cultures can open your mind to meet new people with different sets of morals. Different origins can also be interesting to a more open world and you can meet your future husband or wife. Who knows! However, when loving someone, my view is that no matter the `race’, or any physical aspect should not stop you from being in love with another individual because love overcome all those little details if you are truly in love. Those details are minor, you’re not going to plan a future based on someone skin color. As discussed in class, that race is an arbitrary system that we human create. There is no scientific evidence to back up that people from different skin color can not date because of any health issue related or any other issue. We bring theses physical difference into racial discrimination. Further more ,Would you consider that dating someone from another “race” could be racist?