Cold Heart

by MariaJoseAA on October 28, 2014 - 4:38pm

Maria Jose Acosta


Article summary.


Cold Heart.


The article named: ‘‘Cold Lake Mosque Vandalism Cleaned up by Community’’ from the Huffington posts shows how the Canadian society is in crisis after the attack that the parliament hill suffer last Wednesday the 22th of October 2014. Canadian soldier, Nathan Cirillo was killed by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a 32-years-old Canadian native that converted to Islam. The Islamic community in Canada is under the eye of the entire population, now that this incident had arrived. The article describes how the Cold Lake Mosque was vandalized with graffiti; the words were making discriminatory statements against the Islamic community. Expression like: ‘‘Go Home’’ where all over the mosque. Board member Mahmoud Elkabri who lived in Cold Lake since 1996 argues that before this incident, he had always felt welcomed in the community and the media reinforce his argument showing on TV the tweets that they receive from members of the community arguing against this criminal act. Tweets like: ‘‘@FletcherKent @Paulatics Dear Cold Lake Mosque members, you ARE home. Be proud. Stay strong’’. Tweeted by Renée Laporte. However, the formal member of the mosque believes this crime is not related to anti-Muslim sentiments following by the attacks on the parliament hill earlier this week.  The police of Cold Lake are trying to focus on discovering who committed this hatred crime. In the main time, the community tries to arrange the damage this act caused to the Islamic community by cleaning up the graffiti and patching up the broken windows with temporary cardboard sings with words saying: ‘‘Love your Neighbour’’ or ‘‘You are Home’’. Which is presently illustrated all over the media with mention saying that this is what the Canadian society stand for, equality and reinforcement among the other members of the community.

            The article makes a strong statement among the view that the entire world has for the Canadian society. The Canadian society is illustrated like a society with open arms and charismatic leaders that promote immigration in the country. The racial difference in the society is present and in the article from Huffington Post, is clear that these differences might disturb some individuals in the whole community, however, this molestations does not take away the strong Canadian value of helping other and appreciating the differences that each community has. BUT, the Canadian society cannot shut their eyes by saying that in Canada there is no racism, because that would be denying the existence of the issue. In the case of the Cold Lake mosque, I strongly disagree with formal member of the mosque: Mahmoud Elkabri. I believe this crime was caused by people that were moved by the incident caused in the Parliament Hill. The vandalism was the result of racist individuals who have extremely negative racist ideologies against the Islamic community. However, the response from the members of the Cold Lake community was really warm full and touching, they illustrate the Canadian values however, it is important to know that there are people in the Canadian community who do not share the same Canadian values. 


An attack happens at parliament hill that involves a Muslim and shortly after a mosque gets vandalized. I agree with your guess. It's way too coincidental to be a random crime. I think you brought out a good point when you said that racism was still an issue for Canadians. Even though most Canadians appreciate and respect the people around them, racism is still alive, as shown in the case you described. Your point can relate to other types of discrimination as well. For example, the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) is known for their misogynistic views. They try to advocate for men’s rights in a very extreme way. They are constantly promoting the idea that rape culture is fictitious and that false rape is constantly happening. Though this is a Canadian based association, it does not reflect the views of most Canadians. But the fact that this minority of Canadians are promoting their beliefs shows that sexism is still much of an issue. I think your article does a great job in pointing out the need to focus on issues even if only a select group of people act them out.

To learn a little more about CAFE and their "interesting" ideas, check out this link article.

I chose to answer to your post because your title made me think of a poem and I was intrigued by it. Firstly, I do not completely agree with the fact that the Canadian society welcome immigrants with open arms. I think that it is what the government is trying to express, but people in society do not all react the same way to immigration. Even if the new kind of racism is subtler, it is still really present, and life for immigrants are often difficult and adaptation is hard. I agree with you on the fact that this act of vandalism was probably made by people who were acting anti-Muslim following the attack on parliament hill. This act of vandalism reflects the idea of every Muslim having the same beliefs and opinions that some Canadians have. I think this is really a bad way of thinking because it is generalizing Muslims and putting them into terrorist when only a small minority of them actually are.