Ignoring Canada's Homelessness Won't Make It Go Away

by Bryant Richards on June 11, 2014 - 10:06pm



This article is about the problem that Canada has with the chronic homeless. It states that Canada has fairly good services for the majority of homeless people who end up only being homeless for a month or two. It states that while most homeless receive the care that they deserve in Canada and are able to overcome their problems and get back on their feet, there is still a significant portion of the homeless population which are chronic homeless.


It states that the system in place now does not provide the chronic homeless with the services they need after leaving incarceration. It states that these chronic homeless end up back on the street as there are not enough services to in place at the moment to properly help people who are chronic homeless to recover from their mental health and addiction issues.


It is a fairly good article, which not only does a fine job of describing the causes and factors involved in chronic homelessness, but also outlines the problems with the current Canadian system and provides clear-cut solutions to these problems.  


This is a good summary. I approve the fact that there is not enough help for homeless people who want to get back on their feet. The resources they have while being homeless, such as Accueil Bonneau in Montreal (see the link for more information), are very useful for their survival since they can get food and shelter. However, I feel like they are left to themselves when it is time to get their life back together, find a job and a shelter of their own. The system we live in does not put enough emphasis on the help people need to live in a society where the cost of life is always rising while the minimum wage is approximately always the same.


You did a very good job in summarizing this Huffington Post article. I totally agree with the fact that homeless people are often left alone by themselves. Some great non-profit organizations are in place in Montreal for help these people get some food and shelter, but generally it is only for a limited amount of time. Homeless people cannot sleep every night at Accueil Bonneau for example. Most of the time they have to sleep on the street in the cold. Moreover, chronic homeless live in even more difficult conditions than other "normal" homeless. People with mental disease or with a disabling condition have less help and have a harder time getting out of the streets. Living under these difficult conditions often leads these people to take drugs or even to commit suicide. Here is an article where I explain the increase of homeless deaths in British Columbia : http://newsactivist.com/en/news-summary/champlain-college-2016-newsactiv...