Social Anxiety Disorder

by nickiesha on September 12, 2014 - 9:27am

What is Social Anxiety Disorder?




In the article, it states that, “Social anxiety disorder is one of the most common anxiety disorder, affecting between 7 and 13 % of the population”. When people have social anxiety disorder, they feel uneasy and scared when it comes to social interactions between other people. They tend to overthink a lot to the point where they are afraid to do anything that they feel might offend people. Also, they try to avoid doing anything that might embarrass them, so that others will not have to think badly of them. When you have social anxiety, it can affect a lot of aspects in your life, the question is, will you let it dictate your life? Many people do so because it is scary for them to put themselves into situations where they do not feel at ease. When you feel like this mental health issue is controlling your life, this is the time where you need to step and fight it.


A 35-year-old woman named Sandra is diagnosed with social anxiety disorder. She worries a lot of what other people say of her. She feels she cannot be herself in public whenever she is around friends, family, or even a group of people. She avoids stating her opinion, to avoid offending other people, which might resolve into conflict. She does assert herself, because she is afraid that others will judge her for it. She even quit her job because she found it impossible to interact with her co-workers or even customers because of her fear of being put on the spot, or taken in a wrong way. She feels she is incapable of having a relationship with someone she never lets loose, due to the fact that she always tense no matter what. She wants a relationship, but she feel her social anxiety disorder is preventing to do so. Sandra copes with all this stress, by devoting herself to drinking. She has come very dependent on alcohol to the point where she could not be without it.




In my opinion, social anxiety is very common amongst a lot of people, especially teenagers. I agree with the article because I see people go through it, especially people my age. They are always afraid of being judge by others, so they avoid every possible situation where they feel they have no choice but to be social. A friend of mine has been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder about 3 years ago. He’s doing better now; he can now go to gatherings and socialize with a few people. Before that, he could not even do that. He refused to go outside because he was of afraid of being criticized for being nervous to talk to people. Right now, he’s progressing and getting better by slowly interacting with other people. He has joined sports, and activities in and out of school. This has given him the opportunity to open up to others and not worry so much of what they might think of him.

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