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by francesco12 on October 15, 2014 - 8:27pm



This article is about Engineer William Rockefeller Jr. a man who operates a train for public transportation. The train went off of its tracks and crashed killing 4 people. In the article they state that sleep has a big role in why the train went off the tracks in the first place. According to the article the man who was operating the train had lack of sleep due to a change in his schedule. Feinsilver says people need about one day per hour of adjustment when a work shift changes. If your schedule switches to come in 8 hours earlier, it will take a minimum of 8 full days to readjust. The same goes for jet lag, he pointed out. The article also states Lack of sleep is believed to be a factor in high profile accidents.


A) What i believed happend was that because william did have a schedule change and this caused him to have a distrupted sleep schedule therefor when he was on the job he was not 100% aware of what he was doing. Not being able to fully pay attention he led the train off of its tracks killing 4 people all because he did not get the right amount of sleep.


B) This event happened because William did not realize the danger of not having enough sleep. Even though his sleep was disturbed he chose to carry on with his job, Being tired led him to doze off and crash the train.


C) The main thing that William could have done to prevent this tragedy  was to get atleast 8 hours of sleep. If he could not he should have called in and taken some time off to get his sleep schedule back in order.



I agree with what francesco12 has mentioned about the article, about William needing more hours of sleep, that way the 4 poor victims of this tragedy would have still been alive today.
I agree on how crazy it is that a human being needs 1 hour per day to readjust to a whole new different schedule shift.
The ethical decision William should have chosen to do was at least mention that he did not get his 8 consecutive hours of sleep before reporting to his job that could have made a difference, but also for our Aspiration and well-being William had to go to work. It was his poor judgement of decision making that killed those people though, as it mentions in the article our screens tend to keep us distracted from our sleep. Now, I do not know if William did that but living in 2013-2014 majority of the world have screens around them to distract them.
There is a great Social construct that speaks about the shift of scheduling to help employees and everyone have a better understanding of how the shift can make a difference in a person's life, here is a link to the regulations:
And a link to the devastating accident

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